The Capitalist T-Shirt

January 19, 2015


screenshot of capitalist-tshirt website

The Capitalist T-Shirt was a simple website where you can pay to have a number printed on a shirt, framed print, or booty shorts, showing how much you paid for it. The screenshot above shows what the website looked like, with an input form inside of a triangle where you could select a number (the price of the item would be the base cost of the item + this number)

I intended for the website to not just be a commentary on other status symbols, but also as an inquiry into the connection between quantification and symbolism. At the time, small numbers like 2 and 3 seemed like interesting choices to me — not firm anti- capitalist choices like a 0, but also not elaborate displays of wealth, something in between with unclear meaning.

Below is an image of the shirt, showing where the number would be printed into the "logo": screenshot of capitalist-tshirt website

welcome to the website
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welcome to the website
welcome to the website